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Unity Extension Panel that display all the scenes in the project and more.

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Scene Panel

Unity extension set of panel that display multiple information about scenes.


Combines Gameplay control, Scene History and scene list.

Gameplay Panel Gameplay Panel Gameplay Panel Gameplay Panel

Gameplay Controls

Custom Gameplay controls

  • Play from the first scene.
  • Play from current scene / Stop.
  • Toggle Pause.
  • Next frame.

Gameplay Panel


Scene history tracker. Allows moving trough the scene history with ease.

  • Enable restore the original scene when the player has stopped, in case used the custom controls.
  • Move back.
  • Move forward.
  • Clears the history.
  • Move to a specific point back.
  • Move to a specific point forward.

History Panel

Scene List

Display all the scenes in the project.

  • Filter functionality for easy search and locate.
  • Edit mode to manage the scenes included in build, enable and modify index.
  • Set favorite scenes for constant access.
  • Display detailed information about a specific scene.
  • Colored button that reference the included scenes in the build.
  • Faded colored button that represents included, but disabled, scenes in the build.
  • Arrow pointing to the current scene.
  • Select button to enable locate the scene file in the project.

Scene List Panel Scene List Panel Scene List Panel Scene List Panel

Current Scene

Display all the relevant information of the current working scene.

  • Display all the meta information like name, path, GUID, status in build.
  • Enables to display, capture and update a preview of the scene.
  • Edit mode to include the scene in build, change enable status and modify index.

Current Scene Panel


Enables the capture and display of snapshots of the game.

  • Adjustable scale for picture.
  • Display all the snapshots captured.

Snapshot Panel



Author : Juan Silva

Copyright © 2015 Tuxedo Berries All rights reserved

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