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Unity3D Editor extensions for 2D Joints.

Unknown LicenseUpdated 3 years agoCreated on March 21st, 2015

Joint Editors 2D

This package aims to make it easier for you to use 2D joints in Unity3D.

Made by Firtina (@ToxicFork) Ozbalikci.

License: MIT ( check MIT.txt )


  • Much better UX!
    • Interactive elements are shown clearly and the cursor changes based on context:
    • Move
    • Limit Max
    • Limit Min
    • Angle
  • Customizable visual handles for anchor and joint limit configuration
    • Check out the data/settings asset for visual and other configuration 😄
    • Settings
  • Context menu on anchors, just right-click the anchor or the limit handles!
  • Context menu
  • Anchor locking e.g. when you move an anchor, the other one moves with it
    • Hold shift and click on any anchor to toggle locking
    • Anchor Locking
  • Drag any object reference onto the main/connected anchor handles, and it will auto-magically be connected, as long as it has a RigidBody2D component
  • Hold control while dragging the handles, this allows you to snap the anchors and limits
    • The snapping positions are highlighted by circles
    • Snap
  • Can see transparent outlines of all joints connected to the selected object
    • Outline
    • Configurable via Settings -> Connected Joints
  • Hinge Joint 2D:
    • Object movement circles:
    • Object Movement Circle
    • Better limits display (can click and drag the lower/upper limit indicators):
    • Better limits display
    • Hold control to snap to nice angles!
  • Slider / Wheel Joint 2D:
    • Configure and see angle visually
    • Slide Angle
  • Slider Joint 2D:
    • Can see and edit limits visually
    • Limit Max
    • Limit Min
  • Spring / Distance Joint 2D:
    • Configure distance visually:
    • Distance

How to use

  • You can now download through the Asset Store.
  • Otherwise, just add the .unitypackage file from the release to your project ( double-clicking the file should do it automatically )
  • Select any object with 2D joints, you will see that the scene view will now show the updated UI
  • You can configure each joint’s extra features in the inspector
  • You can also tweak parameters in the 2DJointEditors/Data/settings asset!


  • Select the 2DJointEditors/Data/settings asset
  • Click “Disable 2D Joint Editors”
  • You can now safely delete the 2DJointEditors folder

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