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Layout is a package to automate the layout of objects in world space.

Example gif


using UnityEngine;
using N.Package.Layout;
using N.Package.Layout.Layouts;
using N.Package.Animation;
using N.Package.Animation.Animations;
using N.Package.Animation.Targets;
using N.Package.Animation.Curves;

public class LinearPlanarSpreadDemo : MonoBehaviour
    public GameObject plane;
    public float period;

    public void Start()
        var layout = new LinearPlanarSpread(plane);

        LayoutFactoryDelegate factory = (LayoutObject target) =>
            var animation = new MoveSingle(target.position, target.rotation);
            animation.AnimationCurve = new SineWave(period);
            animation.AnimationTarget = new TargetSingle(target.gameObject);
            return animation;

        AnimationManager.Default.Configure(Streams.STREAM_0, AnimationStreamType.DEFER, 16);
        LayoutManager.Default.Add(Streams.STREAM_0, layout, factory, new TargetByComponent<DemoMarker>());

See the tests in the Editor/ folder for each class for usage examples.

The test folder has a number of example scenes in it.


From your unity project folder:

npm init
npm install shadowmint/unity-n-layout --save
echo Assets/packages >> .gitignore
echo Assets/packages.meta >> .gitignore

The package and all its dependencies will be installed in your Assets/packages folder.


Setup and run tests:

npm install
npm install ..
cd test
npm install

Remember that changes made to the test folder are not saved to the package unless they are copied back into the source folder.

To reinstall the files from the src folder, run npm install .. again.


All tests are wrapped in #if ... blocks to prevent test spam.

You can enable tests in: Player settings > Other Settings > Scripting Define Symbols

The test key for this package is: N_LAYOUT_TESTS

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