Unity N Objectstream



This is a simple helper library for batched objects that follow a specific path.


Look at the samples. Something like:

public void Start()
    streams = new ObjectStream<Streams>(template, spawnRate, 16, () =>
        var path = new PathList();
        path.Add(new ArcFixedPath());
        path.Add(new FadeOutDistance { offset = fadeOutAt, target = target });
        path.Add(new FadeInDistance { distance = fadeInOver });
        return new SpawnData<Streams>
            stream = Streams.STREAM_1,
            manager = AnimationManager.Default,
            path = path,
            origin = new NTransform(gameObject),
            curve = new Linear(lifeTime)

public void Update()

Objest instances are all spawned from the same prefab; objects are pooled for reuse once they are discarded.

See the tests in the Editor/ folder for each class for usage examples.


From your unity project folder:

npm init
npm install shadowmint/unity-n-objectstream --save
echo Assets/packages >> .gitignore
echo Assets/packages.meta >> .gitignore

The package and all its dependencies will be installed in your Assets/packages folder.


Setup and run tests:

npm install
npm install ..
cd test
npm install

Remember that changes made to the test folder are not saved to the package unless they are copied back into the source folder.

To reinstall the files from the src folder, run npm install .. again.


All tests are wrapped in #if ... blocks to prevent test spam.

You can enable tests in: Player settings > Other Settings > Scripting Define Symbols

The test key for this package is: N_OBJECTSTREAM_TESTS