Tetris Remake


A recreation of Tetris in Unity!

Here is a video showing some gameplay from the last milestone version 0.4.

Running the program

The game is still being worked on, using the Unity engine.

Builds of the game are found under Releases/ If there is more than one build, look for the one with the highest version number.

Another way to compile and run the game is to open this project in the Unity development client, and click the play button at the top.

Playing the game

Use asd as left, right, and down respectively. Use q and e to rotate left and right. Use p to pause, and press escape to quit.

Standard tetris rules apply: fill rows with blocks to clear them. Clear more lines at once to get more points!

You lose if there is no more space for a new piece to enter the play area.

What’s Implemented so far?

So far, the following features have been implemented:

  • A Title Screen
  • An Option Screen - with Keybindings that work!
  • Tetris block generation
  • Tetris block controls
  • Tetris block gravity
  • The basic playing field
  • Row clearing
  • Cleared row tracking
  • Piece Holding (space by default)
  • A quit button (esc, only while the game is running)
  • Pause (p by default)
  • Forcing blocks to the bottom instantly (w by default)
  • A lose condition (no space for a new block)
  • A scoring system
  • High Score Saving
  • Scaling difficulty - pieces fall faster at higher levels (level increases per 10 lines the player has cleared)

What’s Next?

  • A pause menu
  • Game instructions
  • Audio
  • Code cleanup + code comment cleanup