Oculus Unity Integration

Oculus Rift Unity Integration with Audience Camera

Version 0.2.1

Installation: (Installation process is the same as original Oculus Unity integration)

  • Import “OculusUnityIntegration.unitypackage” into Unity project.
  • Drag “OVRCameraController” prefab into Hierarchy under “OVR/Prefabs”


  • Check / Uncheck “Is Dual Screen” under “DualScreen” script attached to “OVRCameraController”
  • Publish as settings shown in screenshot

screen shot 2014-06-24 at 2 57 51 pm

(Set resolution to 3840 * 1080 if you are running Oculus Rift on 1920 * 1080)

  • Set Oculus Rift as “Extended” and to the left or right of the audience/main display
  • Set Oculus Rift to have the same resolution as the audience/main display (To display across multiple displays in Mac OS, go to System Preferences -> Mission Control -> Uncheck “Display has seperate Spaces”)