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Video game experiment inspired by Fez's camera mechanic and puzzle games like Tetris.

Unknown VersionUnknown LicenseUpdated 5 years agoCreated on May 9th, 2012
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Experiment / 3D puzzle game using a camera mechanic inspired by Fez. The project started out as a Mac game intended for Ouya, GameStick, etc. When I play tested the initial game modes with a PlayStation 3 Dual Shock controller the game felt a bit clunky and I couldn’t find a way to improve the experience.

I left the project alone until Unity’s free mobile licensing announcement inspired me to give it one last shot on Android and iOS. The mobile build is more fun, but I think I’m done with this concept and thought I would share.

Pardon the mess.

How To Play


Touch and swipe similarly colored blocks to match. A score multiplier kicks in when you match more than 3 blocks. Swipe the sides of the screen to rotate the cube.

Play The Game

An Android 2.3.3 (OpenGL ES 2) APK is available. You can build the game for all platforms with Unity 4 and, if you are targeting iOS devices, a valid provisioning profile. View the platform notes below for details.

Platform Support

For those targeting Android and iOS, please build the latest commit. For those targeting the latest stable version for Mac and PC, please build commit c56e7a70d4. Below is a breakdown of platform support.



Mac and PC


An excuse to develop in Unity while exploring a half-baked concept.

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