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Unity Water Shader 2d

Unity 2D Water Shader

Add a nice refraction water shader to your game!

Checkout the video:

Youtube Demo Video


Try it

Just clone or download the repository and open the folder within Unity.

Run the included Demo Scene.

Use it within your Game

  • Put the DisplacementBehaviour and DisplacementShader into your game. Keep the shader under Resources folder.

  • Attach the DisplacementBehaviour to your main camera and set up a noise and water texture as behaviour property (the sample ships with sample textures).

  • Limit the water effect to a certain scene area by adding planes to the built-in Water layer.

  • You can specify the turbulence (waviness) of the water by setting the Turbulence property of the DisplacementBehaviour. The turbulence will also influence the strength of refraction.

Implement Scrolling

When the camera scrolls left or right, the water waves need to change their phase offset. Otherwise they will appear to be a “camera overlay” flying over the scene.

The DisplacementBehaviour has a scroll offset parameter which can be incremented / decremented on scrolling.

Check out the included CamScrollBehaviour as a reference implementation for scrolling.

What’s next

  • Physical Collision Behaviour (Ripples)

  • Better Effects (I’m experimenting 😉 )

  • Better Demo Scene


I am pretty new to shader programming, so the source may not be optimal. Contributions are welcome! 😃 I tested the shader on Windows, Mac OS, iPad Pro 9.7 and iPhone 7.


I am currently writing a tutorial about the details. Stay tuned 😃


Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. In case you are going to use this shader within some application, I’d be happy to hear about 😃

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