Ad Network Package For Unity


This is a simple Unity Package to get AdMob and Chartboost ads into your Apps. It combines the Unity packages found at:


  1. Drag the Chartboost prefab in the Chartboost folder and the Admob prefab in the GoogleMobileAds into the first scene of your game
  2. Fill out the fields on the AdmobController Script on the admob prefab, admob is now set up. For Chartboost click Chartboost -> Edit Settings at the top of Unity and fill out the Chartboost info, then click Setup Android SDK.
  3. If your using Chartboost you will need to include “using ChartboostSDK;” at the top of the scripts that control when to show the Chartboost ads. Check for the methods you can call with Chartboost.


No more steps needed to work


  1. In xcode navigate to Build Phases-> Link Binary with Libaries, click the + and add the following if they are not added

    • AdSupport
    • AudioToolbox
    • AVFoundation
    • CoreGraphics
    • CoreTelephony
    • EventKit
    • EventKitUI
    • MessageUI
    • StoreKit
    • SystemConfiguration
  2. Add the -ObjC linker flag to your Other Linker Flags in Build Settings.

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