Hexwars is a 2D mobile gaming app designed for Android phones. The basics of the game involves a small hexagon, controlled by the player, which is vulnerable to collision attacks from other nearby hexagons, controlled by other players. To play the game, you must increase your score by colliding into and defeating the other hexagons. Players gain points by destroying small destructible objects in the environment, as well as other hexagons. These points can be spent to upgrade the player’s hexagon by attaching new parts (of various shapes) to it.

Think meet Robot wars!

Hexwars, the game

Deploy Instructions

  • Ensure that you have Unity v5.4.1+ installed on your computer
  • NOTE: Having Unity v5.4.1+ is critical, as this project uses functions that are not yet implemented in previous versions of Unity
  • Clone the repository git clone [email protected]:teambronze/comp30022-team-bronze.git hexwars
  • Open the hexwars project that you just cloned in Unity
  • Locate Launcher in Assets, and put it in the Hierarchy (ensure it is the only scene in the Hierarchy)
  • Press play to view the game. For full functionality, build the game as an Android APK and run it on your phone.

Server Dependencies

  • This game requires two server elements in order to run.
  • A Photon Server must be running on a Windows OS platform. By default, the game will connect to our locally hosted server, but you can choose to connect to a cloud-based solution (max 20 concurrent users), or deploy your own server.
  • A Python API framework must serve high scores to the game. Again, by default the game will connect to our locally hosted server. Should you desire setting up your own server for high scores, deploy this Flask application.

Testing Instructions

  • Open the Editor Tests Runner (built into Unity 5.4.1+) via Window > Editor Tests Runner
  • Select the test you would like to run
  • Press ‘Run Selected’

Running tests