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Simple procedurally generated Dungeon crawler in Unity

GNU General Public License v3.0Updated 1 year agoCreated on December 18th, 2017

Dungeon Of Loot

Simple procedurally generated Dungeon crawler in Unity To commit this on repo, USE PROPER ENGLISH!

  1. TOOL directory is destinied for helpful tools not for game content.
  2. Game is mainly maintained by “SKN main” group
  3. Game is made for fun as student’s project
  4. Focus on procedurally generated content
  5. ALL graphics need to be made in similar style or downloaded with CC license 😉
  6. Same with SFX and rest of Assets
  7. Code and Project should be tidy and clean
  8. I like trains
  9. Any behaviour/changes in game that destroys project or is not known to rest of participant will be banished!
  10. Main task: Create something to have for showcases
  11. And no… we are not making another Witcher game… for fuck sake!
  12. URL directory contains urls for asset downloaded for the game, not strict, but recommended.
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