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A UI based light editor for a Unity, with presets support

Unity 5.6.0f3MIT LicenseUpdated 2 years agoCreated on May 13th, 2017
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This is a runtime Light editor that allows you to place UI sliders and a color picker to edit a light on runtime. This is how it looks like:


How to use it

Inside the Light Orbiter folder there’s a scene called “main” you get a full example from that scene.

To do it Manually:

First, this is the Light Orbiter component’s Inspector

 Light Orbiter's inspector

Basic rotation

Create a directional light and add the LightOrbiter Script to it. For each axis you want to rotate create a Slider object in your UI. Check the “Allow X/Y/Z rotation” to enable X, Y or Z rotation. When you check an axis you’ll be able to set the slider for that axis in the Inspector. Assign the UI sliders and you’re good to go.

Color picking

For color picking you’ll need to use an external object (https://github.com/judah4/HSV-Color-Picker-Unity) which is included in the third party folder. Add the color picker to your UI, check the “Allow color picking” option and assign the color picker to the object field.


There’s a support for light presets also. To create a preset, go to Assets -> Create -> Light Orbiter -> Preset. This will create a Preset object in your project explorer. Select the object and the inspector should look something like this:

Presets inspector

You can place a light int the get from light object field and click the “Get from light” button. That’ll get all the settings from the light and store them in the preset. For each preset you’ll have to create a button that makes it work, assign the button to the Preset Buttons array in a “one to one” correspondance manner. Like shown in the next image

One to one correspondance

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