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Manages your game UI's

Unknown VersionMIT LicenseUpdated 2 years agoCreated on March 6th, 2016
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Widget Manager

Manages your game UI’s load and unload UI by single call. It loads new UI on top of stack.


Setup Guide


Quick Setup Video

Update 2 Overview


  • Custom Inspector for adding tweens to individual UI elements (I named it Actor) [done]
  • State Machine which directs screen UI elements (I named it Director)
  • Particles system to show on top of UI elements.
  • UI element effects.

Special Thanks

  • Russell Savage for creating LeanTween
  • Khalid for helping me out capturing relative position of gameobject in Editor
  • Aman for Testing the package & providing valuable feedback.
  • All the users who gave reviews on Asset store.
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