Fairy GUI Unity


A flexible UI framework for Unity3D, working with the professional Game UI Editor: FairyGUI Editor. Download the editor from here:

#Why FairyGUI Game UI production is a game development process in a heavy workload. The work includes the arrangement of resources, the realization of various controls and the preparation of response code, etc…

UI editor in the market, have provided a certain number of components, but the game’s needs are always changing, when the existing components can not meet the requirements, these editors usually have several ways to solve:
1, the use of the skin, change the appearance or layout of the control, but the degree of freedom is very few, not all the needs are just for a simple appearance.
2, modify the source code of the original control, or write code to extend the existing control. This means that programmers are involved in the design of art, and it is likely to lose WYSWYG, or even complex components that will be the way to achieve pure code.

But FairyGUI can gracefully solve these things

FairyGUI provides three key technologies: controller, relation and extension, which makes almost all types of UI components can be directly created by the art designer in the editor, without the need to write code, no configuration file, flexible form, and the static effect and dynamic effect.


  • The editor can produce a variety of complex UI components, no need to write code, do not need program knowledges.
  • There is no syntax of the complex skin configuration, all UI elements can be free collocation.
  • Provide time axis to design UI dynamic effect(UI Transition).
  • Support for image compression, you can adjust the picture quality according to reduce the size of the package.
  • Support for the building and using of sequence frame animation, you can use the animation as a image on UI
  • Support BMFont production of bitmap fonts, as well as supporting creating bitmap font from images.
  • Use of files storage, so it is easy to use version management software for management, and also to facilitate the collaboration of many people.
  • Preview is provided, same effect with the actual running effect.
  • Flexible publish strategy, support automatic packing atlas, support the definition of multiple atlas.
  • Multi language support.
  • Resolution adaptive.

#Get Started

  • Create your UI project in FairyGUI editor / Open existing UI project in FairyGUI editor.
  • Do import resources, design components and other art works in editor.
  • Publish UI packages to some location which can be access by your code. For more details, read the demo.

#Learn more Official website:

#License MIT