Azure Mobile Services For Unity3D


A suite of Azure Mobile Services plugins for Unity3D, cross platform with common interfaces, with examples.

The goal is simple. “Just hit build”. That means 1 API, no platform dependent code. The plugin should hide platform intracacies, not surface them.

We have replaced the old versions (AzureMobileServicesPlugin/AzureMobileServicesUnityProject) with a single version AzureMobileServicesUniversal. This version runs on everything, has asynchronous calls for everything, and while a little more verbose, gives you a lot more power, such as authentication.

Runs across:

  • UnityEditor
  • Windows 8 Store
  • Windows Phone 8
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Probably everything else Unity runs on

If you want to discuss or get in contact, feel free to hit up Vaughan on twitter @vaughanknight.