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A minimal subset of Perception Neuron SDK for Unity

Unity 5.3.5f1Unknown LicenseUpdated 4 years agoCreated on June 20th, 2016
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NeuronAnimator is a minimum-required subset of the Perception Neuron SDK for Unity. This plugin is aiming to provide the following points:


The original SDK doesn’t support retargeting, and therefore models have to be rigged in a very specific way. Within this plugin, you can animate any humanoid model with Neuron.


All you have to do is just adding the NeuronAnimator component to a game object. Then it starts controlling the model based on input from Neuron mocap system. That’s that! Simple!


The original SDK lacks thread-safety and hence crashes periodically in some environments. To avoid issues like this, the entire code has been overhauled for this plugin. Should work robustly!


  • To retrieve retargeting information properly, the target model has to be in a perfect T-stance pose. If the default pose of the model looks loose (hands are lower than shoulder, feet are widely opened, etc.), it’s recommended to straighten up manually.


Copyright © 2015 Beijing Noitom Technologies Ltd. All rights reserved

This plugin is considered as one of “derivative works” of the Perception Neuron SDK. It means you can use the plugin in the same way as the original SDK. For further details, please read the original license document.

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