Yue Unity


yue-unity integration lib and sample with NLua installation


for testing sample project, you need to docker and yue to be installed, and should run yue server like following

cd path_to_yue_repository
./yue sample/unity_test_server.lua


  1. Create GameObject which attached NetworkManager.cs

  2. for calling server RPC, create Actor by using NetworkManager.NewActor and calling method with Actor.Call

  3. for receiving server notification, register MonoBehavior to NetworkManager by using NetworkManager.Register with identifier used in server code. server notification is represented as RPC from server, like following code

local p = luact.peer("/sys") -- calling GameObject which name is "/sys"
print('client call', p:GetUnityVersion(true)) -- calling method of above object which name is GetUnityVersion.
print('client2 call', p:GetUnityVersion(false))

full usage is here.