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An editor-only tool for Unity that generates PNG font atlases from arbitrary strings. Built in support for Code Page 437 (if the font supports it).

Unity 5.6.0f3MIT LicenseUpdated 3 years agoCreated on June 8th, 2017
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Font Atlas Generator is an editor-only Unity tool that you can use to generate tilesheets from any .ttf font with any characters the font supports.

NOTE: Please be aware of the license for any fonts you use with this tool. Most fonts have very restrictive licenses, just because you generate a tilesheet from it doesn’t change the license requirements.

The generator takes a string of characters and generates the tilesheet in a grid format. There is a preset for Code Page 437:

You will almost always have to tweak the values a bit to get the glyphs to line up and to get it looking sharp:

Most truetype fonts you’ll find only support a very limited range of characters. If you change the dynamic font setting you can use a fallback font to replace any missing glyphs:

You can also adjust the text and background colors for your output texture as needed - including transparent backgrounds:

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