VR Stealth


This project is designed to work with the Unity’s Tutorial Stealth on Virtual Reality(VR) area.

The Stealth tutorial is a linear tutorial project that teaches you how to make a stealth game in the style of Metal Gear Solid. Watch the Project overview video to learn more Unity Tutorial - Stealth.

Welcome to the Stealth beginning tutorial project. In Stealth you play the role of Ethan a teenager who stumbled across the simulation zone of unity labs whilst on a tour of the facility. Finding yourself in the midst of a hostile environment you must sneak around avoid the guards and security cameras, unlock laser gates and find the key card to escape the simulation.

During the four chapters of this project you will learn I. how to setup game systems and create a player responsive alarm in the environment, II. how to build a player character with various animations and interactions, III. how to setup dynamic elements of the environment such as doors, the key and the lift and IV. how to create AI enemies with a simple state machine.

If you’d like to try out the game you can play online on the project page or simply open the completed scene in the done scenes folder of your downloaded project.

Linear Tutorial(Unity Official)

Part I

  1. Project OverView
    An introduction to the Stealth project, including what will be coverd in the tutorial episodes.
  2. Game Setup and Lighting
    How to setup the environment, prepare and perform a preliminary lightmapping bake.
  3. Alarm Lights
    How to create the alarm lights in the game, and control fading via script.
  4. Tag Management
    How to create a script of public constant variable in order to make your game’s tags autocomplete as you write code.
  5. Screen Fader
    How to create the screen fader for the game using a simple GUI Texture and Color Lerp script.
  6. Game Controller
    How to setup a game controller that stores data for your game, and controls the alarm system’s lights.
  7. CCTV Cameras
    Setting up the CCTV Cameras, using models, trigger colliders, lights, light cookies and the Animation window.
  8. Laser Grids
    How to create player responsive laser grids with control switches by using models, trigger colliders, lights and scripting.

Part II

  1. Player Setup
    Learn about the initial setup for the player, including collider, rigidbody and settings.
  2. Player Animator Controller
    Learn how to make the Animator Controller asset to drive the player’s animation.
  3. HashIDs
    Learn how to make a script of name hashes to make referencing states and parameters more efficient.
  4. Player Movement
    Learn how to create movement for the player based on player input.
  5. Player Health
    Learn about how the player’s health is managed and what happens when the player character dies.

Part III

  1. Camera Movement
    Learn how to make the CameraMovement script for our top down game.
  2. The Key
    Learn how to use a trigger to make a simple key pickup for the player character.
  3. Single Door & Animation
    Learn how to make the standard, single doors that are placed around the level.
  4. Double Door Animation
    Learn how to add the double doors for the lift that will control the inner doors in the following assignment.
  5. The Lift
    Learn how to complete the lift (Elevator!) that lets the player escape at the end of the level, by using colliders, triggers, and various other techniques.

Part IV

  1. Enemy Setup
    An overview of how the enemies in Stealth behave, plus learn how to set them up, and bake the Nav Mesh, Unity’s built in AI pathfinding system.
  2. Enemy Animator Controller
    Learn how to create a 2D Blend tree driven Animator Controller for your Enemy characters.

Modify Tutorial(Personal)

  1. Version Control Unity Project
  2. Update GitHub Pages for this project