Tet Unity Aircraft

AirCraft Unity Sample for the EyeTribe Dev Kit


With the release of Unity 5 came a new set of sample projects. This Unity eye tracking sample is based on the Standard Assets of Unity 5 and uses eye tracking to control a flight simulator.

The demo allows the user to calibrate the EyeTribe Dev Kit. Once calibrated, the user can control an aircraft using a gaze indicator. The aircraft follows the laws of physics making it challenging to steer through the obstacles of the game scene using your eyes!

Please use our public forum for questions and support.


Changes to the original script files are tagged with /* @TheEyeTribe */ in the source files.

Scenes and assets related to calibration are found in the ./Assetts/TheEyeTribe folder

The EyeTribeUnityScript was attached top the Main Camera of the game scene.

Minor change in Build Settings was required to use EyeTribe C# SDK. Player Settings -> Windows -> Other Setting -> Api Compatibility Level must be set to .NET 2.0


This sample has been developed in Unity 5.0 and uses the EyeTribe C# SDK.


To build, open project in Unity and build for Windows OS or Mac OSX.

Note that the EyeTribe Server currently supports Windows 7 and newer as well as Mac OSX 10.8 and never. Support for other platforms will be added in the future.


Should question arise, do not hesitate to post them on The Eye Tribe Forum.


0.9.56 (2015-03-16)

  • Initial release