Unity3D Asteroids

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Unity 3D Asteroids

A simple Asteroids game clone in 3D. Stuck on a 2D plane. So 2.5D?

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Learning & Experimenting with Unity. Trying to determine best practices.

Design Choices

  • Architecture/Frameworks: God Objects, MVC, IoC+DI, Messaging, Events, …
  • Software Patterns: OOP, Composition, Singletons, Object Pooling, Observer, …
  • Game Programming Patterns
  • Composition vs. OOP : Interfaces + Inheritance vs. Object Composition via Components
  • MonoBehaviour + Extensions
  • Serialization
  • Idioms: One vs. Many
  • Events: C# Delegate Events vs. UnityEvents
  • Coroutines
  • Optimizations

Workflow Choices

Unity Quirks

  • Editor/Customization
  • Interface
  • Hacks/Tricks

Check the Wiki for discussions

  • Interesting things learned about Unity
  • Software Engineering lessons learned
  • Game design & development lessons learned

Check Issues for interesting issues encountered

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