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Maybe this tools can be help you when work with unity

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Maybe these tools can help you work with unity

Palette Window

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If you move scene or folder frequently, drag that to palette.

  • Then you can move to there by double clicking added item.
  • Add/Remove lines with +, - button

Hierarchy Reference Backtracer

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When you need to know some object whether linked in others, drag that and find.

  • Show reference objects with list each component type.
  • You can use shortcut [Shitf+F12] when object selected.
  • Mouse right click target object and ‘BacktraceReference’ to work.
  • You can move to reference object with click object field

Hierarchy Move Shortcuts

If you’ve ever been annoyed with moving objects in hierarchy with mouse drag.

  • This makes selected hierarchy objects can be moved by keyboard shortcuts [Alt + ↑, ↓, →, ←]
  • Use unity default shortcuts together
  • [Ctrl+4] focus hierarchy view
  • [Shift or Ctrl + ↑, ↓] mutiple select
  • [→, ←] select other or fold hierarchy
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