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An example implementation of HLAPI LAN server-client model.(managing connection with client)

Unity 5.3.4f1Unknown LicenseUpdated 3 years agoCreated on April 23rd, 2016
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What’s this?

I needed to implement a networking application with a server in a local network, with no Internet access. Then I found that unity5 networking api providing exactly what i want. So I studied manual, scripting API and made simple & light implementation providing basic features. It will be useful for non-game, which like manage client’s realtime status.

In my case, UNET is actually quite strong. I am using this unity multiplayer feature as a kind of test tool for children. About 2~30 mobile devices connect to server(also mobile device), and then test result are displayed on server in realtime.


  • Auto discovery( make clients discover server’s address at startup )
  • Manage client connection status with scroll view(turn to red if disconnected)
  • Send custom network message.(simple chat)
  • Auto reconnecting when the client has lost connection.
  • Make your own UI for the NetworkManager instead of NetworkManager HUD Component

The fast track

All you have to do to start using it in your project:

  1. Download this zip, Open with editor.
  2. Execute at least two unity app and start each server and client mode.
  3. You’re done!


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