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A stripped down example of working multiplayer with Unity.Network

Unknown VersionMIT LicenseUpdated 3 years agoCreated on February 9th, 2015
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UnityNetworkExample v 1.2

Updated for Unity 5(Still using old Unity.Network not UNET). Should still work in older version with very little changes. Mostly the togglecursor script and materials spring to mind as changed for Unity 5. don’t expect it to work for ever. Sooner or later Unity 5+ will break compatability with this code.

A stripped down example of working multiplayer with Unity.Network

As simple as it gets with a very commented code. It should prove useful for most that want to get started with Unity.Network or just check the basics.

It focuses on server/client connectability mostly but it does have spawnfunctions and a playeravatar you can run around with.

With 1.2 there is also a simple chat system using RPC. A single RPC is used for it and comments in the code about it.

There is no interpolation though so running it on default 15 network updates will look awful. But it works.

It isn’t perfect but it is a good start for those that prefer learning by reading and messing with code.

Getting Started: Setup a new project and add all the files to the Asset folder. After that you should be able to load the default scene and build the game and start testing. You might want to up the network updaterate to 30 or more. Otherwise it will look very choppy due to lack of interpolation. You find it under Edit>Project Settings>Network>Sendrate.

How it should look like

YouTube Thumnail and link

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