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Unity Plugins for Windows Store and Azure related functions.

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Unity plugins for Windows Platforms v1.0

Documentation for Usage of the APIs is present at: http://microsoft.github.io/unityplugins

Following documentation only tells you how to build the packages

##Store Contains APIs for inapp purchases, license checks, catalog listing and receipt validation

##Core Contains utilities, tiles, toasts, badges etc.

##AzureMobile Contains CRUD operations for Azure Mobile Services

##Ads Contains Ad APIs for Microsoft Ads

##Social (In progress, not in the build scripts) Mostly a wrapper for Facebook

#Build Instructions

  • We use powershell to build all the projects and export UnityPackages. Make sure you set the variables in the build.ps1 script

  • IMPORTANT: Make sure that you have set the path to the msbuild included with Visual Studio as the $msbuild_vs variable in the build.ps1 script. Plugins do not build with .net msbuild

  • Visual Studio 2015 is REQUIRED to build these plugins

  • Plugins only work on Windows 10 at the moment

  • Make sure that the $unity_exe variable is set to the correct path for Unity in the build.ps1 script

  • Install Windows Azure SDK for Visual Studio 2015 from http://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/downloads/

  • Install the latest Microsoft Advertising SDK from http://adsinapps.microsoft.com/en-us/

  • Make sure you install the latest version of nuget from http://blog.nuget.org/20150902/nuget-3.2RC.html (3.2+) and set its path in the $nuget_exe variable in the build.ps1 script

  • You DO NOT need to use the Cortana package. All Cortana functionality is present in the Core plugin and that is sufficient. Use the Cortana unity package as a learning sample.

  • Finally, run “Windows Powershell”

  • The build script (build.ps1) is a powershell script and is set to stop on any failure. The last failure you see is the one that broke the build.

  • Run the following in your powershell to allow build script to run. Answer ‘Y’ to the question on allowing unsigned scripts to run. ‘Set-ExecutionPolicy -Scope CurrentUser unrestricted’

  • run “.\build.ps1” with one of the options

    • -store will build store plugin
    • -core will build the core plugin
    • -ads will build the ads plugin
    • -azure will build the azure plugin
    • -all will build all the plugins
    • -help will print the help message
  • Successful completion of the build.ps1 script will build all the plugins in the various flavors Debug/Release/architecture and place the binaries in the “Binaries” folder in the root of the project. It will additionally also copy the newly built DLLs to the Samples and run Unity to export the packages into the UnityPackages folder in the project root.

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