Viral Cubers

Viral Cubers

Viral Cubers was crated in one month for the 2015 Indie Game Making Contest. Cubers are need driven AI, they need energy flowers to move, and need Cuber fourths to reproduce.

Warning this game is hard, as I did not have the time to balance it before the contest ended.

There is a virus trying to spread throughout the Cubber species. Your goal is to try and find a way to kill off the virus before it kills off all of the Cubers.
Cubers need a certain amount of energy to live, they also have a short life span on top of there high energy intake. Infected Cubers have more life, but can not fully reproduce.
Your only way to interact with the simulation is to place high-power energy flowers. Depending on the level you may use energy flowers to distract the infected, other levels you may want to attract the Cubers.

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