Realtime Unity3D

Realtime Unity3d

The Realtime Framework Messaging Service is a highly-scalable pub/sub message broker. Using your favorite programming language you’ll be able to broadcast messages to millions of users, reliably and securely. It’s all in the cloud so you don’t need to manage servers.


It’s cloud-hosted You just use the API and we take care of all the infrastructure to make it work around the world.

It’s auto-scalable You can scale from one user to millions, we’ll adapt automatically to your application needs.

It’s secure A token-based security layer allows you to assign permissions to what your users can do.

It’s time saving Ready-to-use components will reduce your development time so you’ll deploy sooner.

It’s future proof We’ll help you adapt to future web protocols changes so you don’t have to rewrite your code.

It’s cost effective You’ll pay as you go. We’ll just charge you for what you use. From prototype to production.


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