Unity Zip Download



A sample which download a ZIP file from a remote web server with the given url and save it to the persistence folder then unzip all image files that were in zip file. After finishing unzip, it loads one of image file and assign it to a mesh renderer’s main texture.

Note that the path manipulation done here is with Application.persistentDataPath, so it works for all known platforms of Unity3D.

There are two samples.

  • SimpleZipDownloader - It downloads a zip file via coroutine. Hard to to handle error.
  • UniRxZipDownloader - It downloads zip file via UniRx. Asynchronous, easy for handling errors.


  • SharpZipLib is used to unzip the downloaded ZIP file.
  • See Mongoose if you need to quickly setup a web-server.


This code is distributed under the terms and conditions of the MIT license.

Copyright © 2013 Kim, Hyoun Woo