Unity VR Hello World

Project Name

Hello World in VR!


This is my first VR app. The world is from the Google VR Demo. I am using the demo scene as my base and customizing it. It’s a fun little app that will be deployable on iOS and Android.

screenshot of project


Unity, C#, Android Studio and Xcode (Used for deployment). Note: Google VR SDK was not used in this project.

Current Features

  • User will be met with a hello and instructions.
  • User will be able to look around.
  • User will have buttons they can push to initiate actions.

Future Features


  • Click “Download” on https://github.com/Mehequanna/UnityVR-HelloWorld
  • Open Unity and choose open project (You will need to know the repo location)
  • In Unity: Go to Project pane.
  • Click Assets -> UdacityVR -> Scenes
  • Double click “ModifiedGoogleDemoScene.unity”

To Run On Your Device

  • On Mac, choose File -> Build Settings
  • In platform, choose the platform you have set up, either iOS or Android. Select “Switch Platform”.
  • Choose “Build and Run” at the bottom right.

Known Issues

  • This project will need to be opened in Unity 5.5.1
  • Sometimes the cube will spawn on the camera making it unclickable.


Stephen Emery


This work can be used under the MIT License. Copyright © 2017 Stephen Emery