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Unity3D Libraries for HappyFunTimes

Unity 2019.2.11f1Unknown LicenseUpdated 323 days agoCreated on July 15th, 2014
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I’m deprecating happyfuntimes. I’ll keep the rendevous server running for a while longer but I think it’s unfortunately time to mostly depreciate this project

i’ll consider accepting PRs still if you want to fix something but otherwise just fork it if you want to keep using it


There are a few major issues on why

  1. device orientation is no longer usable

    Both Safari and Chrome have made getting device orientation require HTTPS which is something HFT can’t provide at the moment. It would require $$$$. If a end-user friendly solution comes up maybe I’ll revisit

  2. Browsers break stuff

    Every year or so a browser changes something or breaks something. Over the course of HTF browser broke fullscreen support, audio support, touch support, orientation support, and other things. It’s no fun to keep up on that

  3. OSes break stuff

    For whatever reason networking that work before stops working. HFT has to do some things to find out all the ways your phone might connect to the game and that stuff seems to break every 2 years or so

  4. Offline Support breaks

    Using HFT without internet breaks every few year and will likely eventually be unfixable. Both iOS and Android ping Apple and Google respectively when you connect to WiFi to check if you’re acutally on the internet. HFT tries to send them fake data so they believe they are, otherwise they’ll stop using the WiFi and switch to mobile.

    How they do this changes every few years so HFT has to figure out how to change its faking. It is within Apple and Google’s power to make this faking impossible and I supsect they might at sometime which is scary because if they do then there is no solution (well, short of acutally providing internet access)

  5. More browser features require HTTPS

    This is really #1 and #2 repeated but more and more browser features require HTTPS and as it says above there is no way for hft to provide HTTPS at the moment.

Good news

If you don’t need device orientation and you have no need for offline mode/installation mode then HFT still works. Write your own controllers to keep up to date with the latest changes in the browsers.

Bad news

I don’t really have time to keep it running.

HappyFunTimes is a system for making game with 10-100+ players. Players connect using their phones. Nothing needs to be installed on there phone. They can join immediately.

The controllers are made with HTML5 so you can customize them all you want. There is a simple gamepad controller included so you can get started without making a custom controller.


Clear here to get it from the unity asset store.


Some more docs can be found here.

You can get this from the Unity Asset Store or you can download it directly here


See here


This repo uses git lfs. To clone install git lfs then

git lfs clone https://github.com/greggman/hft-unity3d.git


If you want to use this repo directly you should be aware of a few requirements

hft.js and hft.min.hs

These are generated from files in src/hft using webpack.


make sure you have node.js installed and type

cd path/to/repo
npm install

This will download the required libraries and tools


cd path/to/repo

Note I have no made build scripts for windows. Feel free to submit a PR.


The sample-ui is also in src/hft and is also generated with webpack


Follow the instructions for hft.js above

The OSX installation mode server

To run installation mode requires administrator priviledges because it needs ports 80 and 53. To achieve this on OSX we generate a separate web server program that is only used in installation mode. This program is in hft-server.


Install the Xamarin Platform


cd path/to/repo

Note I have no made build scripts for windows. Feel free to submit a PR.

Dev Notes


For whatever reason I can’t seem to get the output of the macOS external server to deliver debug messages. To test that you can put a return; at the top of HFTManager.StartExternalServer. Then run the external server manually something like this

sudo  ~/Library/Application\ Support/Greggman/hft-unity3d/hft-server --hft-args="{\"debug\":\"*\",\"dns\":true,\"installationMode\":true,\"controllerFilename\":\"controllers/gamepad/controller.html\"}"
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