Hogwarts Sandbox

A Hogwarts (Harry Potter) open sandbox game made in Unity. NOT FINISHED

OpenHogwarts demo hogwarts hogwars2 hogwars3 hogwars4 hogwars5

Binary download

You can download the latest compiled binary here:

Development requirements

Development setup


  • Clone/Download this repo (
  • Open the downloaded folder in Unity (File -> Open Project)
  • In Unity project’s folders double click MainMenu (Assets -> Scenes -> MainMenu)
  • Hit the start button from Game tab. Inside the game, click create a New Character, set the name and click on “Enter”.

Working features

  • Multiplayer
  • Chat
  • Inventory
  • NPCs (Agressives, sellers, questers, talkers) + patrols
  • Spells combat
  • Flying Broomstick
  • Quests

¿Why development is so slow?

Because everyone wants to play, but no one wants to code/design/mod/help.


Since they may change, always check to ensure which are the latest assigned for each action.

  • WASD: Player control
  • ESC: Config
  • F1: Enable Dev options in ESC menu
  • F2: Take screenshot
  • Z: Hide UI
  • E: Broomstick spell
  • Q: Lumos
  • T: Chat
  • B: Bag
  • C: Character
  • Left mouse: Select target
  • 1, 2, 3… keys: Spell cast

Broomstick hotkeys

  • WASD: Basic control
  • Right mouse: 3D Direction control


Check the wiki


Special Thanks

  • Bruce (iBoxDB creator) for the technical support given
  • Rusfighter for finding the OnMouse events - NPC bug

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