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A simple menu in unity to test functionalities.

Unity 5.6.5p4MIT LicenseUpdated 2 years agoCreated on October 3rd, 2017
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Unity Menu

A simple unity menu to test functions


To use this menu first drag the prefab Menu to the scene(which is inside the folder Blue/Menu).

If you wish to use the mail capability, change the Default Mail Directory in the Menu inspector.

Then, in any script, call the following method:

Blue.Menu.MenuController.AddButton(Action, string);

Action is a void method with no parameters, and string is the description of the button.

The console has a screen that shows the logs and allow the user to navigate through them.

An example of how to use this would be the following:

private void MyMethod(){
	int i = Random.Range(0, 44);
	Debug.Log("The value is: " + i);

private void Start(){
	Blue.Menu.MenuController.AddButoon(MyMethod, "Get random value");

You can also force the menu to show a message using

Blue.Menu.MenuController.PrintMessage("This is the title", "Here goes the body");
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