Unity Game Tools


Collection of various tools we use in Unity3D game development.

Quick overview of what’s here:

  • Collections contains a few data structures, such as smart queues and stacks, that simplify gamedev life
  • Dataflow contains helpers for reactive/dataflow programming
  • Math contains a C# port of the Tiny Mersenne Twister random number generator, plus other math utilities
  • ObjectPool has a simple and straightforward object pool manager
  • Serializer that will serialize typed objects into “typed” JSON and deserialize them back - useful for loading up game config files, or for save file implementation
  • Services contains basic setup for global services, and an input manager service
  • Testing is a unit test harness that will load and run specially-marked-up class methods at game startup time


Just drop this project under your Assets folder.

All the source code lives under the Source directory.

There are also unit tests under the appropriately named UnitTests directory. To see them run, attach the Source/Testing/UnitTestRunner component to some kind of a global game object, and it will run all unit tests marked with [TestClass] at the start of the game, in editor only.