TWOD Framework

Version 0000.00001

  • By David López Meseguer


A 2D framework to Animate graphics from the same .Png/.jpg file. This framework answer the question of “Y U NO GIF UNITY?” by providing a way to animate easily for Artists in Unity.

Main Functionality: It crops the image into pieces and animate them along the X axis of the original image. On the Y axis more Animations are stored:

Frames (x axis) Animation name (y axis)
012345 "idle"
012345 "walking"
012345 "attackin"

Pure RPG-Maker style. This makes it easy to use Software like PyxelEdit with Unity.

Features Animation System with built-in Events. It supports any number of frames/animations and any size for “CellSize”.

For example: Cell size = x: 50pixels y: 50pixels will generate a 4 cell sliced Image from a 200x200 pixels image with 2 animations with 2 frames each. On a 500x1000pixels image will generate a 10x20 sliced image with 20 animations, 10 frames each.

Current restriction: The division of pixels has to be exact. A 201x200 pixels image on the 1st example above would fail.

Alt text

=========================== Progress:

Main Functionality complete. Working on Custom Editor and Inspectors tools for easy access.