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A collection of simple 'drag-n-drop' style unity C# scripts that satisfy common game development requirements.

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A collection of simple ‘drag-n-drop’ style unity C# scripts that satisfy common game development requirements.


The idea is to speed up unity developer workflow by providing ready-made scripts that can be quickly dropped on an object and then set up exclusively through easy to understand public variables. The target audience of these scripts includes unity developers of all skill levels - tooltips should explain public variable functionality as if the user is a complete beginner. If nothing else these scripts may serve as a good starting point or reference for more complex / coarse grained scripts.

Note: I am new on the block, so any feedback or criticisms you have are most welcome 😃


View the file for a list of all script names, categories and descriptions.


  1. Clone this repository and place the ModularScripts folder inside your Unity Project’s Assets directory
  2. Drag-n-drop a script onto a Unity gameobject
  3. Configure the script’s public variables to your liking (hover over any particular property for a description of what effect it will have)

DIY Template

If you want to quickly generate a template that follows the script conventions outlined at the bottom of this readme, follow these steps:

  1. Clone this repository and place the Editor folder inside the root of your Unity Project’s Assets directory
  2. Choose Edit->Generate Self-Describing C# Script
  3. Choose a directory for your new script
  4. Rename both the NewScript filename as well as the public class NewScript (note: they must be the same)
  5. Update relevant details seen in template document (script description etc.)


name description
effect visual effects - aesthetic stuff that looks pretty
management object/file management - toggling / renaming of objects etc.
messaging event/script triggering based on a condition - send messaging when entered a collider etc.
motion gameobject/character movement whether it be transform or physics based
spawning instantiation and destruction of objects
tools handy miscellaneous scripts
ui 2D legacy GUI and unity canvas scripts


All scripts must have a:

  1. PascalCase name - e.g. ScriptName

  2. Self-describing comment at the beginning of the class detailing the author, year and function of the script

    /* Script created by Lachlan McKay 2016 ©
     * This script allows you to clamp the transform of an object */
  3. Neatly formatted public variables with logical groupings and helpful tooltips

    [Header("Main Options")]
    [Tooltip("Foo string says foo.")]
    public string foo;
  4. Credits and description block as shown:

    	//Credits and description
     [Header("_© Lachlan McKay 2016_")]
     public string ScriptDescription = "Script description.";
     private string ScriptTags = "script name search tags space delimited";
     private string ScriptCategory = "category";
  5. Public ScriptDescription string that describes the function of the script

  6. Private ScriptTags string that contains search terms related to the script

  7. Private ScriptCategory string that loosely categorizes the script - see above for available categories

  8. ToggleScript() function with single bool input that enables/disables script functionality (where applicable)

    //Enables or disables the script's update function
    public void ToggleScript(bool state)
        active = state;
        this.enabled = state;
        if (debugConsole)
            print("Setting active state of " + this.GetType().Name + " script to: " + state + " at time: " + Time.time);
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