Instantiate UI Prefab

# InstantiateUIPrefab

InstantiateUIPrefab module for Unity.

Licensed under MIT license. See LICENSE file in the project root folder.



  • Easily instantiate and update new UI prefabs.
  • Test component’s functionality in the editor.

Quick Start

  1. Add InstantiateUIPrefab component to any game object on the scene.
  2. Fill Template Prefab field. Template prefab should contain child game objects. Each child should have a UI Text component attached.
  3. Fill Parent Game Object field with a on-scene game object. Each instantiated prefab will be parented under this game object.
  4. Set the Vertical Offset property. Each instantiated prefab’s vertical position will be offsetted relatively to the previous one by this amount.
  5. Draw and drop children of the template prefab. UI Text components on those children will be updated with external call (or from the editor with the instantiate button).
  6. In runtime, call the InstantiateAndUpdateUIPrefab(string[]) and pass string values to update the template prefab that will be instantiated.


  • InstantiateUIPrefab module requires Rotorz Reorderable List extension.
  • All child game objects in the template prefab must have unique names.


Just create an issue and I’ll do my best to help.


Pull requests, ideas, questions or any feedback at all are welcome.


Example: v0.2.3+1

  • 0 Major version. Introduces breaking changes.
  • 2 Minor version. Adds new features.
  • 3 Patch version. Bug fixes.
  • +1 Metadata version.

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