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SimpleTDD Framework for Unity

Unity 2017.4.17f1Unknown LicenseUpdated 2 years agoCreated on April 5th, 2017
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SimpleTDD Framework for Unity


SimpleTDD is a framework help developers to build Unit Test in an easy way like what JUnit do. (note: JUnit is a famous unit test framework in Java)

The objectives of project is to:

  • Help developers coding in the Test Driven style
  • Easy to create a test without do extra coding such as building GUI
  • Make coding more fun (remark: doing repeating things isn’t fun!)

Unit Test Demos

An unit test demostrating the Collision:


Method 1: Using Custom Unity Package

This is a simple way to use SimpleTDD, just simply import the pre-export unity package.


Method 2: Download from Github

Another way to use SimpleTDD, it is check out the project from github and export yourself.


  • Download the project from Github :

    • After Download, Open the Unity project
  • Export the package

    • Select ‘Assets/Export Package’
    • Select the folder tree of “SimpleTDD”
    • Click “Export” button and save a location and file you want and use later; For example: SimpleTDD-unity.unitypackage
  • Import the package:

    • Open Unity and Your project
    • Select Menu “Assets/Import Package/Custom Package”
    • Select simpleTDD package just downloaded
    • When success, you will see ‘SimpleTDD’ appear in the ‘Assets/Create’ Menu
  • Testing See ‘Create Tests’ Section


If you want to try the feature of SimpleTDD, simply open the Scene in the ‘Demo/’ folder in the Assets;

Create Tests

After setting up the framework, you need to do two things to create your tests:

  1. Create Test Scenes
  2. Create Test Methods

Create Test Scenes

  • Select the ‘Assets/Create/SimpleTDD/Test Scene’ menu or ‘/Create/SimpleTDD/Scene’ in the Assets View
  • A test scene creation window will be shown

alt Test Scene Creation

  • Define the Test scene name and Test folder location
  • Click “Create” to create
  • When success, the created Test Scene will be opened.

Create Test Methods

  • Create a new test Scene or Open an existing one;

  • Open the SimpleTDD Test Script; It is attached the game object under the “— Test —” section; alt Test Script  Creation

  • After open the testing script in your script editor, add methods having Attribute ‘[Test]’; alt Test Method  Creation

Supporting Version

  • Unity 5.6 or above

Note: Tested using Unity 5.6 and Unity 2017.x

Help and Support

Free feel to contact me by facebook or twitter for any help or want to support me or want to have any new feature.

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