Unity Level Editor 2D


A simple 2D Level Editor for Unity working in Scene View

Level Editor Example

This is a simple tool for the Unity3D game engine that allows developers to quickly build 2d tile-based levels by clicking and dragging the mouse cursor.

This tools work in scene view, so no object are instantiated at runtime.


  • Multiple tiles support.
  • Sequential tile loops (to spawn tiles following a specific pattern).
  • Randomic tile loops (to spawn a random tile from a predefined pool).
  • Grid reference (different colors and hideable).
  • Tiles auto-snapping to grid.
  • Simple palette-based interaction (click on a tile button in the inspector then left click to add a tile, right click to remove it).
  • Multiple tiles insertion/removal (By clicking and dragging).
  • Reinstantiate all tiles function.
  • Reset level to clear the whole level.

For more information please have a look at these videos:

Or read (ITALIAN ONLY) this blog page.