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A simple Unity project for generating an image-viewing gallery in 3D space

Unity 2017.1.1f1Unknown LicenseUpdated 3 years agoCreated on November 29th, 2017
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Gallery3D - A Procedurally Generated 3D Gallery

Generate a 3D gallery/museum-like environment from a folder full of images. Powered by Unity.

How To Use

After the application is launched for the first time, a folder called “GalleryImages” will appear. Simply place image files inside and they will be used when the application is launched.


Final version can simply be compiled by Unity (Or simply snag a build from the Releases section). Currently tested to work on MacOS and Windows. Should work on most other desktop platforms. Older versions work on WebGL builds but with pre-defined images.


Current features

  • Layout is generated randomly at runtime, allowing for any number of images to be shown
  • On-screen controls allows mouse-only navigation
  • Reading images from external storage
  • Create post-processing stack

Planned features

  • Generate level in such way no extra canvas slots are left over
  • Background music support

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