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A simple spaceship shooter game in Unity

Unknown VersionGNU General Public License v3.0Updated 1 year agoCreated on July 29th, 2017
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Nova Shooter

Nova Shooter is a simple multiplatform game developed with Unity. The game is a shoot-em-up where you will play with a spaceship (that you can customize!) facing unlimited enemy waves in increasing difficulty.

The control of the spaceship on Windows are: WASD to move it, mouse to rotate it, and left-click to shoot.

You can fork or download this project and modify it as much as you want. The link on of this game is:


Screenshoot 1 Screenshoot 2 Screenshoot 3 Screenshoot 4 Screenshoot 5


The game has been initially developed for Windows, Android and OpenGL, but it can be easily exported to other platforms with Unity.


Some 3rd parties assets have been used to develop this game:

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