Flash Unity Port Example

Line port Anagram Attack from Flash ActionScript 3 to Unity 5.

A literal port of data types, so used ArrayList and Hashtable, instead of List and Dictionary. Then used my repo as2cs to convert model and levels.

Play at:

LICENSE does not cover third-party content:

TWL06.txt Text files of words from tournament word list cited at Peter Norvig:

Free clip art from sources cited at start of file names.

Original weekend game jam in Flash:

Flash compared to Unity

My preference for game prototyping productivity:

Flash: 2D. Unity: 3D.


  • Free for non-commercial use.
  • 3D.
  • A lot of people make games in Unity.
  • Faster graphics rendering.
  • Inspect and edit during play.
  • Powerfully animate nested objects.
  • Publish WebGL starting as small as 5.5 MB.


  • Installed in every major browser.
  • Publish SWF starting as small as 4 KB.
  • Rename, reorganize, replace nodes and animations still work.
  • Share a library symbol anywhere and automatically update it.
  • Conveniently preview and customize text, buttons, images, animations.
  • Draw images in the editor.
  • Compress vector images.
  • Conveniently share source code in multiple projects.
  • On Windows, conveniently use another code editor.
  • Easily program a button.
  • Copy and paste keyframes.
  • Default keyframe interpolation is linear.
  • Minimal need to wire in the editor: Root class linkages.
  • Same coordinates for buttons and other objects.
  • Descendents of objects conveniently capture button presses on listeners.
  • Crisp fonts on all devices.
  • Exact layout on all devices.
  • Deploy to Android in 15 seconds, iOS in 1 minute, without third-party tools.

Unity Android gotcha:

Unity 5.3.4f1. Windows 10. Android build tools 24. Android failed to build. After downgrading Android build tools to 23, Android built.