Influence Terrain Demo

InfluenceTerrainDemo v0.4 “Simple Texturing”

Some experiments with zone-based terrain generation. Inspired by and

v0.2 reading: Inverse Distance Weighting

v0.3 reading: Rasterization

v0.4 reading: Compute shaders in Unity

This milestone is about texture generation. I prefer pregenerate textures for all chunks at start. Some solved tasks of this milestone:

  • Span textures across neighbour chunks border:
Before After
  • Noise-blend texture with rotated and scaled itself to hide repeating pattern:
Before After
  • Noise-tint texture at large scale to achieve more organic look:
Before After
  • Use of a well-known triplanar texturing to prevent stretching on steep sides:
Before After
  • It was a some challenge to calculate texel world position to implement triplanar texturing. Bilinear world height approximation was no good. See a height isolines:
Bilinear Barycentric

And an example of result texturing (relief and biomes generation is still completely dumb, bump mapping/specular is left for future work also):