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Unity3D tool. Can open or close symbol in unity3d.

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Unity3D symbol

Unity3D宏定义工具(Unity3D symbol tool)

可以方便开启,关闭,以及增加,删除宏定义.(It can open symbol , close symbol or delete symbol) 宏定义通过图形界面进行操作。(It can operate in graphical.)

如何使用( How to )

  • 打开unity3d(Open unity3d)
  • 点击菜单中DEFINE_TOOL->TOOL(Click menu DEFINE_TOOL->TOOL) github
  • 点击edit template 按钮(Click edit template button) github
  • 在文件中增加宏定义名称用换行区分(Add define in the file split by line) github
  • 点击重载按钮查看现有宏定义(Click reload button) github
  • 点选你需要的宏定义(Click what you want to define) github
  • 在代码里使用宏定义(You can use define in the code)


    #if CN_MAST
        Debug.Log("ok in the symbol.");

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