Unity UI Example


The purpose of this example is to help you become familiar with Unity 4.6+ UI system. It should work on all platforms and device sizes.

Helpful Resources


Example Scene

  • Run example in the Scenes folder and press play in the Unity editor.
  • UI elements used: { buttons, slider, scrollable text, text, canvas, toggle }


The game controller is the game’s core and handles base functions, organized in the following sections:

  • Setup: used to setup game variables that runs in Start()
  • Game States: controls the various states { MainMenu, GamePlay, GameOver, Settings, Credits }
  • Game Score: this example counts seconds for score.
  • Audio: this example has one sound for all UI button presses.
  • Input: this example uses touch and keyboard commands.


  • public enum GameStates defines the various game states and for readability.
  • public void methods are tied to UI buttons. Examine the button’s inspector to see configuration.
  • scoreDecimals determines how many decimal places to display in the score. can be edited in the inspector.
  • Game Objects are active/deactive based on game state.