VR Project 1


Project Overview

This project is a chance for you to have some fun playing around with the Unity Editor and practice getting what you build in Unity onto your smartphone.

The goal is to create a simple mobile VR App for Google Cardboard that is customized by you and is something cool that you can show off to your friends and family!

In the most recent portion of the Nanodegree, you learned how to get a Unity app onto your smartphone to view with Google Cardboard. That process is very critical for testing, since with VR you really do need to view an experience in a headset to understand what is going on. So, we want you be intimately familiar with the process and solve any hiccups that may arise on getting it on to your phone. We also want you to have some fun, which is why we also included some customization options.


How to navigate around Unity

How to customize a preexisting experience in Unity

How to get a project from Unity to iOS