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VR app on Android using Unity that depicts a modern apartment setting with furniture and a globe spin animation

Unknown VersionUnknown LicenseUpdated 2 years agoCreated on February 21st, 2017
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Nowadays Studio


VR app on Android using Unity that depicts a modern apartment setting with furniture and a globe spin animation. Among a skyline of a busy downtown area, lies a lofty studio apartment where there is lots of space for lighting, animation, and furniture. There are books on the shelves, fruit on the table in the kitchen and a user can navigate around using various waypoints by tapping on the screen/pushing the cardboard button.

Development Process

Google VR SDK version - 1.0.3 I started with an empty studio apartment floating in space. Then I began creating game objects with shaders as well as loading up models of a chair, kitchen cabinet, rug, bookshelf, books, tables, fruit and other objects. Then I scaled the objects chose specifid colors and created some spotlights, arealights and baked them to specifications. I grabbed a globe, placed it into the holder object and used the Unity animation feature to make it spin/not spin as a user hits the cardboard button.

User Testing

Many unsuccessful attempts have been made to get the globe to spin. As each build came in, either the rotation spun when tapping the screen but would keep spinning when tapped again, something that wasn’t according to plan. As for the furniture, the couch, cabinet, and chairs in the kitchen were misaligned. This didn’t make it seem real and the ISO camera angle had to be used to look at properly while making the scene look real.

Breakdown of final piece Alt Text Alt Text


I enjoyed placing various types of furniture around the studio apartment the way I wanted to and getting more exposure to animation features. Even though it was cool to see a globe spinning in its holder, it was challenging to synchronize the rotation. Animation was the biggest learning curve because it was necessary to play around with the features before they could be implemented. The time and animation windows were difficult to make the animation map work so a little insight from a mentor helped me complete this project.

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