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Simple FPS 3D Game made on Unity

Unity 2019.1.12f1MIT LicenseUpdated 1 year agoCreated on March 13th, 2017
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Survive the Strange

This is a study project, an introduction to the Unity Engine in the 3D perspective. The game is a simple FPS, that has some very simple concepts. The player must:

  • Get an order of items to proceed
  • Shoot hostile turrets
  • Avoid mines and a hostile plane
  • Escape the island

Project Features

The project includes implementations of several things. The most important:

  • Terrain
  • Water
  • Animator
  • 3D Physics
  • Raycasting
  • Simple AI State Machine
  • Particle Effects
  • Lights
  • User Interface
  • Scene Management
  • Audio
  • Camera Occlusion

Final Notes

Feel free to study and create projects based on this repository, but always add the appropriate credits. All assets I used were free on the Asset Store and weren’t used commercialy. Believe me, if I could, I would rewrite it from scratch, but it works as it is so it does its job.

Send a message if you have any questions!

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