Udacity Autonomous Driving Car

Customize Udacity Environment in Unity

For the Udacity Autonomous Car Simulator Unity Engine was choosen as base Platform. That means that the whole project and architecture of the simulation is open and free to be changed in any way. The simulator itself can be found using the links below and we can choose between using it as it is with pretrained data, or choose to pull down the whole project and open it with Unity Engine to look at it closely and build a new simulation model based on our changes and customisations. Important thing is to install an appropriate Git manager to be able to pull the the Project without any errors and to avoid models and assets missing.

The simulation project uses the version of unity (5.01f), that can be easily found on unitys website under „download older version“. The project was tested and opened in Unity 2017.03 beta aswell, and no error or missing files were found. Before opening the project in a new version of Unity, we should make a copy of it just in case, as unity does not support retrocompatibility.

Opening the simulation in unity for the first time will create some errors and warnings. Warnings can be ignored, because for the majority they just suggest small changes to the script code or texture or model data and are not going to stop us from building a new exe build or entering and playing a scene. Errors on the other hand will stop us from building or entering the scene and must be solved before proceding to do anything. … After every error is solved we can look at the folder and project hiearchy and understand the structure of the whole simulation project.

………………. (will continue)