VR Social Room


The VR SocialRoom is a virtual reality social media focused in the experience of a personal museum where the user can decorate it with photos, videos, prizes, collections, sketches and all that matters in their live.

This project won 3rd place and an award for Masterful Art & Design on Udacity VRJam

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The concept

The concept of the app is the human experience factor in VR. We want to build a VR experience that could lead people of all the ages to remember their best moments and feel it again. Another goal is stimulate the users through the option of share their museum with others, what could stimulate a more admirable way of life. We think that remember and share memories stimulate the persons to have more empathy and make better social connections.


In the present moment is only a room with some objects and movement mechanic (we had only 2 weeks to do the work).

The movement script was did in C# with Coroutines and event trigger. Also was did an object that indicates movement, so the user can see and teleport through it. We created the objects (except the small frame called frame3) with SketchUp and Blender, and the ambient music with Logic Pro X. The PBR used was the Unity one, and we chose it because we wanted to make a higher quality graphic even in Cardboard.

  • Victor Reis: SketchUp, paintings on Adobe Photoshop, photography and Logic Pro X.
  • Thiago Seronni: C# movement script and Blender.
  • Alexandre Lima: initial sketch mentioning an idea about a personal museum, but not a social media app or the design of it.

Next steps of development

• Career based rooms

• Avatars of pets and beloved ones, as well their personalization

• High immersion VR devices can have high resolution items added using 3D photography/scans(in Cardboard, Gear VR and Daydream the performance would be poor with high poly count objects because of the limitation of 50–100K poly count per scene)

• Interaction with itens

• Tailor made museum: hire our company to make your museum professionally. We go to the place to measure and photograph/scan the building and objects, also to get pictures and interview the client about all the details

• The score won with the personal museum attendance in the social network will be rewarded with medals, discounts and exclusive packs, allowing advanced customizations and features

How to run

To run the VR experiences you will need to follow these steps:


Download and install the .apk

Tested on Unity 5.5.2f1 and GVR 1.30

  • Download the Google GVR SDK for Unity indicated on the README.md project
  • Open the downloaded project and click the GVR Unity installer and import all*
  • Build and export the app for your platform

If you see any Unity error follow these steps:

  • Select the option Import All in Unity
  • Restart the Project