Unity Build


Example project showing automated builds with Unity3D

Note, build script assumes you have Unity installed at /Applications/Unity/ on Mac and C:\Program Files\Unity on Windows. You can edit these paths in build-helpers.fsx.

How to run a build

On Mac

#Exports an Xcode project to Scratch/Xcode
./ ios-player
#Builds the Xcode project, and exports the ipa file to build/
./ ios
#Builds an Android apk to build/
./ android

Notes: I have the Xcode project using my provisioning profile. In build.fsx, you can replace the provisioning profile ID and name to use your own.

On Windows

#Builds an Android apk to build\
build android

Notes: sorry, iOS won’t work on Windows. Email Tim Cook.

How does this work?

This is basically an empty Unity project meant to be used as a starting point. I’m using FAKE installed via NuGet as a build scripting language.

More info is on my blog: